Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The world at one o'clock

The world at one o'clock is stars poking through wisps of cloud
             Knowing you'll regret this at your 10a.m. tomorrow (today?), but you're simply too alive to sleep now.
                                 A caffeine buzz from the latte you probably shouldn't have drunk.
                  Fingers tapping against the keys, as if your ideas will disappear without immediate attention.  Ideas are needy like that.

The world at one o'clock is a music that doesn't need speaking.
    Silent sweetness.
                                                    Climbing into a warm bed.
            Everyone is asleep.  And you really should be too.
                 If you're awake, you should be doing something productive at least.  Right?
        Midnight is not an hour to be productive.  Midnight is magic and velvet and glitter in the sky and the earth settling into place and all is well, all is well, and all will be well.

The world at o'clock is that times ten.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pieces of Inspiration

On the rare, rare, rare occasion that writer's block hits and I decide to do something slightly more productive than watch videos on YouTube,* I like to try and find inspiration from outside sources, such as music, other books, or pictures.

*rare being that I do something more productive than YouTube.  Not the writer's block part, unfortunately.

Writer's block is sort of here.  So words aren't really working.  So I'm going to use as few as possible.  Here are some inspiring picture.  PictureS.  Picture plural.  Sometimes I think I should just leave all my typos in my posts and just let the world mock me.  Because some of them are funny.  I amuse myself.  Heh.  OKAY.  PICTURES.

Be inspired.

P.S. If you're super inspired, leave a couple sentence teaser/story in the comments.  That'd be cool.  And stuff.